Working with a Professional Ghostwriter

It’s safe to admit it: a great top-ten blog or entrepreneurship article is almost impossible to ignore once it enters our social media newsfeed. Packed with tips, tools, and advice these posts help with strategy and education. They also serve as the entrepreneur’s first source for answers when challenges and questions arise. The authors of these posts gain an immediate air of authority, answering questions and sharing advice with style and grace. Most entrepreneurs would love this type of recognition yet writing can be challenging and time-consuming. Rather than go sleepless, most of the authors in the newsfeed have a secret weapon for producing more: working with a professional ghostwriter.

A ghostwriter writes all the content yet leaves all the credit for you. Ghostwriters create blogs, e-books, site pages and other written content using your voice and style directed to your audience, and with your name at the top. Great writing takes time and energy. Add value without sacrificing your own productivity. Delegate writing to expand your influence and grow your business.

Should I Hire a Ghostwriter?

Adding valuable written content to social channels establishes authority. Team up with a professional ghostwriter to:

Communicate with customers. Create regular posts for email subscribers and customers. Stay in the front with regular emails filled with applicable information.

Build industry authority. Become the “go-to person” for answers. Gain name recognition and professional clout with accurate, informative, and well-written content.

Direct internet traffic. Add more information to personal and social channels with relevant content and gain visibility. Increase visitor traffic and conversion rates using valuable blogs.

Say something! LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social channels are great tools for gaining and maintaining visibility. Get visible posting relevant, readable content people will want to consume and share.

For some entrepreneurs, writing may be something they wish to keep in-house. Before hiring a writer, determine if it’s something to hire out for. Ask if you:

  • Have the time it takes to write well?
  • Possess the discipline to write regular posts?
  • Carry the skills to write and edit?
  • Enjoy writing enough to write and post often?

If you’re answering “yes” then start posting content on a regular basis! For the rest of us, help can be found in the form of a writer. We all have things we enjoy doing and are good at. Sometimes we are lucky enough the two collide. You have things you do really well. With much more than just writing, it is good to know where professional strengths lie, and where improvement may be needed. Stick with what you’re good at and outsource the rest to maximize your productivity.

Finding a Ghostwriter

Good ghostwriters write…good. A ghostwriter writes content you’ll be placing your name and brand on. Hiring the right writer makes all the difference. The first place to look is your existing network of professionals. A solid recommendation can help eliminate a lengthy search. Two simple questions can help you separate potential candidates from the rest:

  • 1: Do you jive with the writer?

    Finding a writer you can work with matters. The creative process is collaborative. Ghostwriters create content using three basic methods: using your thoughts and words, using their thoughts and words, or using any mix of the two. Easy communication helps the writer create a winning document.

  • 2: Is the writer capable?

    There’s writing, and there’s skillful writing. Proper English, readability, relevance, word-choice and more matter for readers and rankings. Most writers have examples of work to share. Additionally, initial email communication can be a great indicator of writer skill.

Still looking? The online marketplace is brimming with writers of varying skill levels. Many of the writers work beyond the U.S., trading low rates for a reduction in quality. For entrepreneurs with the time and skill to edit each piece, this can be a cost-saving solution. A ghostwriter wants to capture your voice and style. Help by preparing thoughts and/or topics beforehand. Think about potential article topics, targeted audience(s), and posting schedule before contacting a writer and save time getting started. Organizing thoughts will make the process easier, and lay a solid foundation for moving forward.


Become an Industry Authority

Seize the opportunity to stand out among peers. Armed with relevant content, it’s time to connect with the masses.

Social Posts. Stay current with regular, valuable posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social channels. Connect with readers using targeted marketing messages.

Sites Updates. Adding regular blogs to a website captures search traffic, establishes authority, and shows active involvement.

Email Blasts. Easily stay in touch emailing articles and blogs to existing customers and email subscribers.

Post content people want to read and share with the aid of a ghostwriter. Stay current with regular posts and emails filled with tips and info. Become recognized as a reliable source of information. Be an industry authority with the help of a professional ghostwriter.

Short List of Starter Topics

To begin your process with your ghostwriter, here are some sample starter topics to get the creative content flowing.  Use audio recording for ease of conversation to build your content.  Progress NOT perfection.  Send your ghostwriter a link to the audio file and they will provide you with a beautiful rendition WITHOUT any effort on your part.  You provide the content and they provide an excellent compelling article ;-).

  1. List of 10 objections to using a professional <insert your industry here>.
  2. Top ten common mistakes.
  3. List common misconceptions with your industry.
  4. Top ten tips to getting prepared to X.
  5. Best testimonial format has the following formula (in their own words) is:
  • I wasn’t going to do X
  • I decided I would try X
  • OMG I am so glad I went with X
  • I would recommend X to my mother.

So give them a list of questions/prompts

  • Were you thinking of trying another professional/going on your own/DIY
  • What made you decide to try <me>?
  • Are you happy with the results/price gotten/price paid/value?
  • Would you recommend <me> to anyone?
  • OR who would you recommend <me>  to, now that you’ve worked with <me>?

Professional Recommendation

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