Our mission is to create a world where people feel connected. That’s why we make many efforts to ensure that our recommendations are from trusted resources — Our own personal experience or the suggestions of a client. 

Gold member of Business Networking International — a small business trade group designed to help members increase their business through a structured, positive, and professional “word-of-mouth” program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals.

Joseph, Keri & their team are also very proud to be a part of this large referral realtor network. So, if you know someone moving outside of Houston, between states (e.g. Chicago to Cheyenne), The Property Joes Group can refer you to a qualified professional to serve your real estate needs. Contact us today.
Disclaimer: Joseph Diosana, Keri Josephson and their team, their associates nor does Keller Williams or any of its entities guarantees the performance of these referrals.


  • Estate, David Doehring, 713-304-0415‬, DDoehring@doehringlaw.com

[Cleaning/Carpet Cleaning/Chandelier Cleaning]

  • James McGury III, 832-264-7800, fantasticcarpetservices@yahoo.com


  • Edgar Connery Electrician, 281-960-1979, Edgarconnery@gmail.com
  • Todd Woodruff Electrician, 832-529-8858, Toddwhouston@gmail.com
  • Jon Young Electrician, 713-875-5729, jonyoung@cableandelectrical.com

[Estate Auctionneer]

  • Estate Auctioneer, Stephen Mayer, ‭713-254-4399‬, auctioneer@boldbids.com


  • Keith Young Flooring, 281-705-5566, keith.young@floorcoveringsinternational.com


  • Simon Lee Handyman, 832-372-0244, simonlee2010@yahoo.com
  • James McGury III Handyman, 832-264-7800, fantasticcarpetservices@yahoo.com
  • Richard Evans Handyman, 281-989-9331‬, richardevans63@aol.com

[Home Warranty]

  • Justin Southwell, 917-284-0188, jsouthwell@fixdrepair.com


  • Steve Lyon, 281-753-1352, steve.lyon@morganairservice.com
  • Mario Machorro, 832-367-5068, machorromario@hotmail.com


  • Christopher Murphy, 713-296-9306, cdmurphy@a-action.com
  • Pat McInturff, (713) 305-3356, pat@inspectionsbypat.com
  • Tim Hedderman, 281-355-9911, office@heddermanengineering.com
  • Stucco/Beth Harbison Stucco, 832-818-3833, stuccospec@outlook.com


  • Jeff Tallas, 281-935-2896‬, jtallas@farmersagent.com

[Lawn Care]

  • Taylor Cannon Lawn, 713-447-4403‬, tcannon@legacycls.com


  • Michael Harrington, 832-771-7295‬, michael.harrington@rate.com
  • Steve Newmyer, 713-301-4173‬, snewmyer@victorianfinance.com
  • Darren Smith, 713-248-5957‬, darren@flagstonemortgage.com
  • Patti Contrasto, 713-387-9521‬, Patti@boxwoodmortgage.com
  • Dan Stout, 817-301-3618, Dan@homeusa.com


  • Allen Walter Beaulieu Jr., 832-423-8697, allen@eurmove.com
  • Kevin Thury, 832-776-5361, sidemovers@gmail.com


  • Cameron Carlson, 281-910-7966, carlsonspainting530@gmail.com
  • See Simon Lee above.
  • See James McGrury above.


  • Anthony Dinh Photographer, 832-800-1110, Anthony@cocooncommercial.com
  • Matterport(3D)/David Walter, 713-254-3973, dcwalter@kw.com


  • Joseph Santhoff Plumber, 832-858-0743, jsanthoff1@att.net
  • Zelena Brown Plumber, 832-567-7793


  • Mike Fly, 281-558-5583, swimcopools@aol.com


  • Kevin Thury, 832-776-5361, sidemovers@gmail.com


  • Shane Wells Roofer 713-373-6699, shanewells@remedyroofing.com
  • Matthew Brewster* Roofer, 561-531-1793, mbrewster@remedyroofing.com
  • Ryan Hess Roofer, 614-205-1139, ryanhess0979@gmail.com


  • Texas Sign Boss, https://texassignboss.com/


  • Daniel Gordon Sprinkler, 832-423-3627, hydrospread@hotmail.com

[Stucco Repair]


  • Rocky Martinez Security, 817-247-9403, rockymartinez@BNI.com

[Title Company]

  • Alamo Title,  Myrna Espinoza, 713-993-2954‬, Myrna.Espinoza@alamotitle.com
  • BRPS, Tanya Hay,  713-894-8400‬, tanya.hay@brpstitle.com
  • Momentum Title, Nicole Lane, ‭512-826-1298‬, nicole@momentumtitletx.com

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