As we come through the impact of COVID-19, contactless forms of payment have become more common over the past several months and, going forward, will be important in everyday life. Contactless payment tech is easy to use and healthier than exchanging cash, making it an attractive option for consumers looking for safety and convenience at the grocery store, takeout counter or in some cases, the gas pump.

As this technology continues to catch on in your community, and across the world, I wanted to send you a quick guide to how it all works. The information I am sending this month explains the various forms of contactless payment and where you can use it, plus some security tips for paying with your phone. You’ll learn more about popular peer-to-peer payment apps that allow you to pay someone back without handing off cash.

Our society isn’t going totally cashless anytime soon, but contactless payment is proving to be a secure, cleaner option at the checkout counter. Hope this helps you out next time you’re on a grocery run!

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