Houston Real Estate Trend: Before Covid, During Covid

Monday April 27, 2020: This is a review of the Houston market based on the average and median price starting before Covid 03/01/2020 to ending 04/25/2020 as compared week by week from lastyear 03/01/2019-05/31/2019.

We plan on updating through the month of May.

 Click here to see a video discussing the numbers.

Units Sold, Prices, showings


* Sales/Units dropped 20% * Showings drop 30% * Pricing remains the same


IF you are Selling, the pricing hasn’t changed thus far and you may have less showings.  The key is to make sure the pricing is within the range and your home is in excellent showing condition because there are probably only motivated buyers willing to take a risk viewing properties.

IF you are Buying, the pricing hasn’t changed thus far.  The key is the interest rates are at an all time low and you may have less to choose from with more competition of other motivated buyers.  For interest rates, click here.

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